Other Activities

The reconstruction of Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple is not a mere recovery of yet another temple for worship by Hindus. This humungous effort has brought together not only the people of Malappuram, but also the concerned Hindus even in other parts of Kerala and rest of India. There is no doubt that with this reconstruction, Mattumal Sri Narasimhamoorthy Temple would become a formidable Hindu religious and social organisation that can help to organise and invigorate the Hindus and revitalize Sanatana Dharma.

The Trust Deed of the Mattummal Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple Trust makes it very clear that the income of this Temple will be utilised for the benefit of the poorer sections of the Hindu society. Spiritual advancement of the Hindu Society the Temple Trust plans to conduct Veda, Raamayanam, Bhaagavatam and Gita discourses and Saptaaham (spiritual discourse conducted for a week). Anna-daanam, medical aid, hospital, orphanage, educational assistance, school, and vocational training centres, goshala, library. The Temple Trust also envisages provision of safe-houses and physical protection for those re-converting to Hinduism. The Temple Trust has the intention of imparting free of cost, Bharateeya dance, music and instrumental training to the skilled children of poor Hindu parents.

As a part of service activities associated with the Sri Narasimha Moorthy Temple reconstruction, a local well was cleaned and drinking water was made available to the local populace in May, 2007.